Big rumours emanate from Lamborghini today. Several sources are suggesting that the replacement for the Aventador, due to arrive in 2020, will be electrified. Lamborghini have, to date, remained steadfast in their commitment to the naturally aspirated combustion engine. The Urus is of course the exception. It is now being reported that Lamborghini’s flagship supercar will receive the latest in electric drivetrain technology.

Lamborghini are working on a project, named LB48H internally, which will preview the technology. That vehicle will be a low volume, limited edition hypercar which has already been shown to Lamborghini’s customers. The bespoke hypercar will combine the eponymous V12 engine with an as yet unspecified hybrid drivetrain.

Following this, Lamborghini will released a plugin hybrid version of the Urus in 2020, followed by the replacement for the Aventador. It is inevitable that the Aventador replacement will be heavier than the outgoing version. Lamborghini will attempt to shed weight in other areas to keep the total weight down but a 150 – 200 kg weight gain is expected.

Lamborghini will likely use internal tie ups within the Volkswagen group to source the hybrid technology required for the supercar. It is also expected that the next generation Huracan, not expected for some time, will receive hybridisation.

One issue for all manufacturers is that pace at which the industry is moving. It is clear that certain aspects of engine drivetrains will become regulated in the future to help meet stringent emission and safety regulations. Lamborghini have made it clear that they intend only to make one model which can be sold across all the key markets. In order to achieve this, any hybrid Aventador will need to take into account any proposed regulations.

Lamborghini have also talked about creating a gearbox to manage the electric power at higher speeds. Traditionally electronic engines have an advantage at lower speeds due to their instant torque. At higher speeds, their benefit is reduced. Lamborghini are keen to ensure that the top end of their supercars remains accessible. Gearing is one way of achieving this. Let us know in the comments box below what you would like to see from a Lamborghini Aventador replacement.

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