Koenigsegg have announced the first application of its proprietary carbon fibre finish. The model it has been applied to is a Koenigsegg Regera. The Swedish company, famed for its engineering innovation, announced yesterday that the Regera in the photos uses something called Koenigsegg Naked Carbon. By virtue of its treatment, the KNC – as Koenigsegg refers to it – is most likely the lightest carbon fibre on the market.

So what makes KNC different from the rest? In short, it is the clear coat! Normal naked carbon fibres traditionally apply a clear lacquer to the naked fibre elements. Koenigsegg actually removes this layer, exposing the bare fibres to the elements. Apparently, the process is extremely time consuming too!

KNC involves no lacquer, varnish or alternative coating to the top of the carbon surface. Koenigsegg create the carbon fibre with a thin layer of epoxy which is then carefully removed by hand polishing. Koenigsegg say that this is a an extremely sensitive process as the difference between ‘just right’ and ‘too much’ is very fine.

The Regera looks more metallic graphite appearance and due to the pure carbon fibre, is cold to the touch. Koenigsegg have been using KNC for a number of years, applying it to wheels, wings, splitters, winglets and steering wheels. These items have served as test subjects for a full car. The parts have been exposed to hot and cold conditions, in some circumstances for many years to ensure durability.

Koenigsegg allege that KNC is much harder than lacquers, meaning that the surface of KNC is actually much less sensitive to stone chips and scratches compared to conventional carbon fibre. The carbon fibre treatment saves around 20 kg over a painted Koenigsegg Regera.

This particular Koenigsegg Regera is headed to a new owner in Switzerland, now that Koenigsegg have perfected the Koenigsegg Naked Carbon finish, expect to see it ordered on more Regera’s and on the upcoming replacement for the Agera RS!

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