Sources close to the production team of Amazon’s The Grand Tour have suggested to us that the show will not return after the third season. Our sources suggest that Amazon will not renew The Grand Tour for Season Four, leaving its future in doubt. Reasons were not given, however, the news ties in with rumours which circulated earlier in the year.

Those who have followed Clarkson, Hammond and May through their departure from the BBC will recall that they signed a three season deal with Amazon for the production of The Grand Tour. The deal required the presenters to deliver 36 episodes over three years, 24 of which have already aired. The team have been charged with a budget in the region of $200 million to produce 36 episodes and have reportedly managed to turn a profit.

Yet rumours had circulated earlier this year that The Grand Tour would not be renewed. In May, Clarkson moved to quash those rumours. Indirectly replying to a Daily Mail article, Clarkson tweeted, “Sorry Geordie. I may have published something which is horse shit. Annoying, isn’t it.” While the tweet was not an explicit denial of the rumours, many took it as such.

As Amazon Video does not release viewer figures, it is difficult to gauge the success of The Grand Tour. It has received largely positive reviews from critics. The TV series has also spurred an automotive online community platform, DriveTribe. Reports earlier this year suggested that the website had made a £12.5 million loss.

No official announcement has been made concerning The Grand Tour Season 4 yet. We hope that what we are hearing is not correct or that the trio have something bigger and better in the pipeline. Until an official announcement is made, nothing is for certain.

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  1. I was at filming of series 3 episodes 1 and 2 and it was obvious that the presenters are loved and the show is a success. A fourth season is a must see.


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