The cost and availability of the new Ferrari Monza has finally been revealed. The Italian company announced the speedster a few weeks before the Paris Motor Show 2018 began. While much of the technical information was available immediately, the release was particularly thin on details such as how much it would cost and how many would be available.

Interviews given during the Paris Motor Show 2018 have finally revealed the cost of the Monza to be €1.6 Million. With the help of a calculator, and confirmation that Ferrari plans to sell 499 of them, it is clear that Ferrari stands to generate revenue of €794.4 million.

While the headline figure sounds impressive, the profit that Ferrari generate from each car will be significantly less. To get that figure, the price of production, 22 percent value added tax and dealership profits would need to be taken into account.

The first of the special series cars, a new production line that Ferrari has developed, the Ferrari Monza is completely sold out. The choice of SP1 or SP2 will be left to the customer, although Ferrari is expecting an equal split across the two versions.

Ferrari have confirmed that the Monza has been developed without adhering to any particular set of rules. As a result, it will be street legal in Europe but not in the United States or in Asia. Customers in those regions will need to use their cars on closed circuits or on race tracks.

Sources have also confirmed that the Monza SP1 and SP2 will take up 2 years of production run. They will be assembled in Maranello as part of a new production line which will continue past those two years for upcoming Icona models.

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