Dutch publication Autoweek.nl recently uncovered images of the new BMW Z4 which appear to have been filed with a patent or copyright office. The photos reveal CGI sketches of what looks to be a pretty much finished Z4.

The photos reveal a car which is quite close to the concept car we saw last year. The most noticeable feature is that BMW’s double roundel signature lights have been replaced. The designs also show a car which gets a clamshell bonnet and a set of smaller kidney grilles.

The production version does away with the Concept’s sharknose look in favour of something a little more blunt. The rear bears some resemblance to the concept car with a ducktail spoiler and long rear brake lights. The face tailpipes of the concept car seem to have been replaced with traditional round tailpipes and the sketches retain the front wheel vent.

The sketches seem to lack some width at the rear. The Z4 has always carried wide rear wheel arches, the renderings seem to make these narrower with a less distinct raking profile. Hopefully some paintwork will sort that illusion as the rest seems to be pretty good!

The BMW Z4 will return to a fabric drop top rather than the current metal version. This decision will ensure that weight savings are made. Expect the latest BMW infotainment specifications. Engines will likely include turbocharged four and six-cylinder petrol engines, paired with an eight-speed auto or six-speed manual.

The BMW Z4 and upcoming Toyota Supra will both be based on the same platform with the same powertrains. Both are expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show 2018 in October.

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