Land Rover Design Boss Hints at 2-Door Range Rover Coupe

Having successfully launched a 2-door Range Rover Evoque several years ago, Land Rover design executives have hinted that they may move upmarket with the concept. At the Los Angeles Motor Show last week, several media sources quoted Gerry McGovern during a round table meeting as connecting the 2-door Evoque with SVO and its drive to create the most exclusive Range Rover models.

A 2-door Range Rover is nothing new of course. The original Range Rover was originally offered as a two-door model. Those cars are highly sought-after by collectors, while a newer Range Rover CSK was also offered as a limited edition model in the early 1990’s.

McGovern is quoted by as having said: “All I can say is, as a business, over the last few years under Tata, we’ve had a look at all the products we could do… I can’t say when or what, but there are opportunities. We have proved with Range Rover there are opportunities to offer derivations of these vehicles to offer them in a way to bring something new to the market.” He then went on to confirm “There’s probably less market for a two-door [Evoque] and given that we have a cabriolet there’s no need. But as we get bigger you can think about going two-door because it becomes more exclusive, which might give you a hint.”

The comments, in the context of a discussion about the replacement of the Evoque, will likely ignite the interests of collectors. Imagine a two-door Range Rover, packing SVO’s latest supercharged 5.0 litre V8!



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