Five years ago Mercedes-AMG debuted this bright yellow all-electric SLS AMG supercar. With less than 100 produced they are a very rare sight on open road, and most company-owned examples are usually sighted during roadtrips or certain events like the Silvretta E-Rally.

Recently one of the electric SLS AMG’s showed up at the Nürburgring packing a huge rig with a range of testing equipment. It’s no secret that the AMG performance brand has dedicated itself to the future electrification of vehicles and it’s very likely they are testing new EQ battery technology and future autonomous driving features.

Mercedes-Benz was recently gauged as one of Tesla’s main rivals when it comes to electric vehicles, and the brand has big plans for the future. At last year’s Paris Motor Show the brand’s CASE division showed its EQ Concept model and ever since the EQ Series roll-out is slowly unfolding behind the scenes.

Mercedes-AMG is tapping into the newly acquired battery technology and expertise as well. The upcoming four-door AMG Coupé is said to have a V8 hybrid powertrain producing more than 600 horsepower. It could also be possible that the SLS AMG E-Cell is being used as a mule for a possible future electric AMG GT, although nothing indicates that an all-electric GT is on the cards.


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