A hardcore McLaren Prototype has been spotted at the Nurburgring over the past few days. The car appears to be based on the McLaren 675 LT coupe, yet it is thought that McLaren have no plans to extend the lifespan of the 675 LT given that its replacement, the 720S has now arrived and is currently being delivered to customers.

This photo was taken by Thomas and appears to show McLaren test driver, Chris Goodwin at the wheel of the car. Among the many changes that distinguish this version are the racing inspired front air intakes, the bonnet vents, the rear-mounted ram air intake and the upside down-mounted rear spoiler.

The car is heavily camouflaged and bears McLaren’s test car designation MV715-23. We know that McLaren are calling their new Ultimate Series model, the McLaren F1 successor, the BP23. It isn’t a million miles away to assume that what we actually see is a powertrain test mule for that car.

McLaren are thought to be in the process of developing a completely new hybrid drivetrain for the BP23. It will be coupled to the company’s 4.0 lite twin-turbocharged V8 with a power rating in the region of 1,000 hp. The additional air intakes at the front likely cool electric motors on the front axle.

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