Some may think that the Z4 has lost some of its sportive appeal in face of the company’s splendid 4 and 6 series becoming absolute showstoppers. New pictures of the Z4 concept however hint that the car is set for a big comeback with a stunning and fluid design. BMW’s excellent quality and handling giving it all the tools needed for a lucrative resurgence.

With BMW presenting us the new concept Z4 it fiercely rebuttals all those claiming the company has become a luxury crossover company. The sleek roadster takes on from the tremendously successful 8 series concept design that was stylistically as sharp and dynamic. The Concept Z4 takes on classical roadster design cues, such as a long wheelbase, a low-slung, stretched silhouette and a compact rear end, encompassed in an exuberant package. A shorter bonnet and crisp overhangs ensure the driver sits closer to the centre of the car than in previous BMW roadsters and has a better connection with the road. The Z4 concept has been revealed in a distinct colour that suits the character of the car well, and is definitely a head-turner. The interior has been fitted with a matching interior on the passenger side, and a contrasted black interior on the driver’s side. Something bold and rather unordinary, but somehow very suitable.

The new Z4 is anticipated to be manufacturer only as a roadster, and not as a coupe. The reason for this emanating from the strategic alliance between BMW and Toyota to profit from their know-how and to spread R&D costs.  The drivetrain and all electronics are fully made by BMW. The more complex aspects of the engineering (i.e. the chassis, suspension and some braking components) will be jointly manufacturer. To prevent building a similar car that would be brought to market by two different manufacturers, the companies decided to divide the line-up. BMW will be producing the roadster version whereas Toyota will offer the coupe version in its model range.

Under the hood we can expect a revised 2.0 litre, four-cylinder engine, which can be upgraded to the turbo inline six. Transmission will come in both automatic and manual varieties, to suit the Sunday-drivers that are looking for an engaging and captivating experience. The roadster is expected to be revealed during the Concours d’Elegance 
at Pebble Beach, implying it will start production early 2018 and hit the streets later that year.

“The BMW Concept Z4 in an all-out driving machine,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior VP atBMW Group Design. “Stripping the car back to the bare essentials allows the driver to experience all the ingredients of motoring pleasure with supreme directness. This is total freedom on four wheels. The BMW Concept Z4 expresses the new BMW design language from all perspectives and in all details. From the dynamic-looking front to the striking flanks to the clean-cut tail end: a few lines and the subtle interplay between surfaces are enough to generate a sense of power and emotion,” adds van Hooydonk.

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