Maybe you’ve got too much spare time and enough money. Or maybe you just watched too much of Jason Statham in The Transporter and thought it was time for a modern remake. Whatever the motivation, a local taxi company in Lincoln UK has taken it upon themselves to drive a car that may just get you to your appointment in time.

Handsome Cabs recently received their taxi license for a Lamborghini Huracan, from the City of Lincoln Council. Unusual, not only because of the car itself, but also because most licenses are given to four-passenger cars. The Lamborghini’s charisma must’ve been the deciding factor in the council’s decision to grant the license…

The two pioneers behind this epic decision, John Bishop and Jamal Parvez, had the following to say: “We just thought it would be something a bit different, really. I understand this is an unorthodox vehicle to want to use for private hire or taxi work but our plan is to use the vehicle under special conditions and for limited services only. For example, on special occasions such as school leavers’ prom nights or weddings or for a company executive who wants to impress a potential customer.”

Some may wonder how your date will get to prom if the Lamborghini only has place for one passenger. To which the answer is simple: a Lamborghini is clearly the better candidate for a prom date.

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