British tuning company Evolve took a stab at the BMW M2 and daringly called it the BMW M2 GTS. Inspired by the M4 GTS, the British tuner was determined to make their own bespoke ‘GTS’ version of the smaller M2.

The comprehensive spec list of this bespoke RWD M2 GTS should read away like a fairytale for any BMW enthusiast. The Bavarian sports coupé gets a carbon fiber bonnet and boot, a carbon rear wing, carbon spoiler lips, a custom diffuser and larger intakes. Testament to the fact the tuner took things rather serious are the carbon ceramic brakes.

The car’s twin-scroll inline-six also received an upgrade in performance. The standard 370 hp and 500 Nm output was raised to 406 hp and 610 Nm in Evolve’s M2 GTS. To handle the increased performance, the tuner turned to Bilstein for a suspension upgrade. The tuner ended up going with the Nürburgring-tested B16 coilover suspension kit.

There is more to come, as Evolve is now about to start a third phase of changes to make the GTS more track-oriented. The third phase would involve speccing the car with a Bilstein Clubsport suspension system and more.

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  1. [[The car’s twin-turbo inline-six also received an upgrade in performance. ]]

    Its a twin scroll single turbocharged engine .. not twin turbocharged .


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