As more and more information on the upcoming Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar emerges we just learned that the car is officially ‘sold out’ in the US. The much anticipated AMG hypercar will be limited to only 275 units, an unknown number of which is bound for the United States.

For now we’ve only been able to speculate what the limited hypercar could look like with the help of some rough sketches. Prospect buyers however, already had the opportunity to take a look at the real deal at a customer event during this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

US customers had the opportunity to register their interest in the hypercar until March 17th. Now Mercedes will start the selection process and pick a few lucky buyers out of the batch. Melissa Witek, a project manager for the hypercar project at Mercedes-AMG, gave a little insight into the selection process and indicated that the brand is looking for long-time loyal Mercedes-Benz customers that don’t shy away from the occasional track meetings and public events. It’s evident that AMG wants these cars to be admired on the road, not tucked away in a dark garage.

Witek further commented that the car shown to potential customers in Geneva wasn’t the full running production car, but the design is around 85 percent complete. It comes with a supposed price tag of $2.4 million and will be sold directly by Mercedes-AMG. We expect the brand to reveal how many Project One hypercars will be shipped to the States in May this year. The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show marks the stage for the hypercar’s official debut.

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