Rendering bureau E. Milano once again opened their sketching books and took on the likes of the Tesla Model S. The well over two tonnes weighing best selling American EV has been praised for its sophisticated and simple design, but is there more to be desired?

The following renderings present us with what a possible two-seater coupé and convertible of the Model S could look like. The wheelbase seems to be slightly shortened, while the two doors on each side have been replaced by a longer single door. At the rear there is clearly less of an overhang compared to the sedan, emphasizing the more sporty and compact appearance that characterizes a coupé.

With its already wide stance, there is no particular need for a wider bodykit to underline its road presence. Instead a sizable chunk of the Model S’ large front has been chopped off, which looks rather odd if you are used to the massive proportions of the EV. This leads to the questions, where does the front electrical motor go, and does the one-size-fits-all battery still fit the car’s shortened wheelbase?

Other than that, we must say these renders look rather realistic. What is your opinion? Should Tesla Motors follow its competitors in the premium market by introducing respective coupé and convertible versions of the Model S?

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  1. It doesn’t need a long front as a lot it is just storage “the frunk” as it’s known…
    They both look good and for those that like convertibles that in particular looks great. The coupe just looks like a car with a lot of wasted space to me. Other than for looks why would you buy one?
    I hope Tesla don’t go down the road of trying to launch a different car for everyone. What they really need to do is refine what they have so that they can continue to compete with the upcoming Porsche Mission E, Jaguar iPace, BMW whatever….. The Model S P100D is a brilliant car for today but I suspect that for £140k the choice of EV cars with a better quality finish will grow rapidly. The strategy has been spot on so far, let’s hope it continues…..


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