The BMW M2 has been rocking the compact sports coupé market for barely a year and we have already caught wind of a possible facelift in the making. These recent spy shots show the M2 with a fully disguised front bumper and covered parts at the rear of the car.

The speedy introduction of the facelift M2 might very well be related to the rumors that a BMW M2 CS (Club Sport) is in the making and scheduled to launch in 2018. Launching the M2 Club Sport without first updating the regular M2 would not make much sense. Therefore the M2 facelift, otherwise known as the M2 LCI (Life Cycle Impulse), is likely to make its debut later this year as a 2018 model.

The Bavarian automaker has several upgrades in store for the M2, although a twin-turbo switch is not one of them. A firm power impulse seems imminent however, as the 2017 BMW M240i powered by the new B48 turbocharged straight-six now delivers 340 hp and the same amount of torque as the current M2, 500 Nm. Despite the 30 hp difference, both cars perform very similar in a straight line.

Regarding the M2 Club Sport, it is rumored that it will pack a 400 hp variant of the twin-turbocharged six-cylinder (S55) that is currently powering both the M3 and M4 performance cars.

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