The new BMW 5-Series is jam-packed with impressive technology that can help to both reduce the risk of a crash and your chances of being injured in that crash – however the most impressive feature might be its semi- autonomous capability.

As the German automaker noted when the 5-Series first debuted last month, the mid-size sedan can drive itself at speeds of up 210 km/h (130 mph). It’s an ability that has little use outside of Germany and its unrestricted sections of Autobahn, but it’s safe to say that if you’re car can pilot you along safely at 210 km/h, it should have no problem doing it at 100 km/h.

BMW’s semi-autonomous technology is comprised of its Active Lane Keeping Assistant & Traffic Jam Assistant system. The first uses image recognition and software algorithms to keep the vehicle reliably on course, while the second detects a stoppage in traffic ahead and can adjust the vehicle’s speed accordingly. You’ll have to keep your hand on the wheel the entire time, however, and BMW assures us its hands-on-wheel detection is very sensitive.

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