Shortly after the 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO arrived at worldwide dealerships, the Japanese brand unveiled the GT-R ‘Track Edition’ by NISMO. Pricing of the GT-R NISMO in the U.S. was recently disclosed revealing a $20,000 premium over the previous generation GT-R NISMO.

This GT-R Track Edition may however explain why such a premium is the case. This special edition is one of the four GT-R special editions that sits below the flagship GT-R NISMO in the model line-up. The other optional packs that customers can spec on their GT-R are the Premium, Prestige and Black edition packages.

Needless to say the track edition is the more race-oriented edition of the four packages that color the supercar’s options list. It comes with bespoke Bilstein suspension and a fully revised interior. The car’s chassis is further optimized for the track by improving cornering stability. A new lightweight anti-roll bar has also been installed to reduce weight and increase the car’s stiffness.

Aesthetically NISMO racing black forged 20-inch aluminum wheels and tires are part of the GT-R track edition, as well as a slightly widened front bumper. To make things more confusing, Nissan said that it will be offering different components of the GT-R Track Edition as standard depending on the country where the vehicle is sold. For instance in Germany, track edition GT-R’s come with carbon-backed Recaro seats as standard, but customers will have to pay extra for the carbon fiber rear wing.

In the UK, the track edition cars will be fitted with black and red Recaro seats that come from the GT-R ‘Black Edition’, but the carbon fiber rear wing is standard. In this case, customers will have to pitch in extra for the carbon-backed Recaro seats.

Pricing for the UK is set at £91,995, with worldwide customer deliveries starting early November this year.

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