We all know the Toyota Supra, the Japanese sports car that made quite a name for itself in the tuner world and was a favorite in movies such as the Fast and Furious 1 and videogames such as Need for Speed. Well, apparently it’s about to make a comeback! Here are a batch of recent spy shots showing a highly disguised 2018 Toyota Supra testing on the road.

From the photos little can be said about the car’s details, at both the frond and rear the car’s lights don’t spark the innovation you’d expect from a hybrid Japanese car that is yet to be introduced. On the side however, we can see a clear reference to the original Toyota Supra in terms of proportions.

The spy photos emerged just weeks after we saw first spyshots of the new BMW Z5, the very car the new Supra will share its platform with. BMW and Toyota last year announced a partnership and that they will be co-developing the platform on which both yet to be revealed coupés will be based. We are not sure what exactly to expect, but if it is a partnership similar to that of Fiat and Mazda for instance, we are very excited what the two brands come up with.

For now we know that both cars will get an all-wheel drive drivetrain and hybrid powertrain setup, using some of BMW’s finest gasoline engines. The new Supra is furthermore to benefit from carbon fiber architecture that plays an integral part in the structures of the BMW i3, i8 and 7-Series.

The new 2018 Toyota Supra is the long awaited successor of the tuner’s favorite that discontinued production back in 2002. For now we know that the new Supra will become the Japenese brand’s top-of-the-line sports car, taking position in the market above the Toyota GT86.

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