Update: New reports from Autocar indicate that this is indeed a limited edition model based on the 675LT, built for a client just like MSO did with the 12C HS. The car will be limited to 25 units only, it is lighter than the 675LT by 40 kg.

Back in May plans for the McLaren 688 HS were leaked online and thanks to Instagram user andy74b, we now get to see the real deal. The McLaren 688 ‘High Sport’ is set to become the British supercar brand’s new parade horse now that the mighty P1 has retired.

McLaren MSO '675LT' HS Testing Near MTC. Photo by Matt Parker
McLaren MSO ‘675LT’ HS Testing Near MTC. Photo by Matt Parker

The photo was taken inside a McLaren facility with another yellow McLaren sitting behind it. Upon first sight it looks like any other 675 LT, on which the 688 is based. Don’t let your eyes fool you however, some important add-ons such as a 650s GT3 inspired wing at the rear and more aggressively styled winglets at the front apron hint at a far more extreme version of the 675 LT.

The 688 HS should have far superior downforce to the 675 LT and with the modest 13 hp upgrade of the 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine performance should get a firm boost as well. Rumors go around saying that the 688 HS will be a highly-limited model and just 25 units will be produced.

Furthermore it still remains uncertain whether the 688 HS will stand as a separate model on its own or will be released as a special version of the 675 LT. The latter would make sense given the fact that McLaren still haven’t released any official information regarding the new McLaren 688 HS.

What are your thoughts on the new McLaren 688 HS?

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