Porsche is looking into selling less potent versions of their entry model cars in China. Their reasoning is based on a so called ‘magic price’, says Jan Roth, head of the 718 model line.

“A lot of the TTs that Audi sells in China, the smaller displacement 1.8-liter versions with rear wheel instead of all-wheel-drive, are priced below that, Mercedes too,” he said. Let’s assume here that there was some kind of misinterpretation or typo, as of course the TT base models all come with front-wheel drive.

Back to the core of the story however, Europe and the US will get the base model Porsches with 300 hp and 350 hp engines, while the Chinese customers will have to do with a 250 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder. In retrospect, the previous generation Cayman boasting a flat-six engine with 275 hp was priced at 700,000 renminbi, well over the $90,000 treshold.

The sizable price difference between Europe and US models and those sold in China remains intact, with the more powerful ‘regular’ version of the 718 Cayman starting at €51,623 ($57,200) in Germany and $53,900 in the US excluding delivery costs.

However with their new sales strategy Roth hopes for an increase of sales to 4,500 units in 2017 compared to the 2,500 they sold in 2015. The new 718 Cayman will join the 718 Boxster in Chinese dealerships this December.

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