The first images of the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider have been revealed ahead of its global debut at the Paris Motor Show 2016 in September. Ferrari defines it as a supercar for those who thrive in the joy of “al fresco” – Italian for “in the open air”.

The official name, price and the number of units of the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show too. That said, chances are the name “Spider” will not be used on this open-top LaFerrari, especially given that the name has mainly been used on fully convertible models in the past. We could see a special name come Paris as seen with past open-top Ferrari limited edition models, 599 SA and the likes.

The order book for the new open-top LaFerrari has also been closed, following a private viewing a few months ago. The LaFerrari Spider will come in two options – a removable soft top and a removable carbon fiber hard top. Pricing should be higher on the carbon fiber option. The performance figures are similar to those of the Coupe, a V12 engine mated to a 120kW motor for a total output of 949 hp.

Thorough modifications were done to the chassis in order to retain the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness as the coupe. Additionally, the aerodynamics were tweaked in order to maintain the same drag coefficient under all driving situations.

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