The BMW M3 remains as one of the all-time greatest sports cars to ever be produced by BMW and the E92 generation is no exception.

When released, the E92 generation of M3 was one of the most popular models for tuners and enthusiasts around the world. And judging by this video the E92 remains a popular platform for tuning. This video showcases the loudest E92 BMW I think we have ever heard.

This M3 is equipped with a custom Armytrix exhaust system and, apparently reaches decibel levels that exceed 120dB! While we would have to see the car in person to truly judge how loud it is, we suspect the claimed 120dB is not far off. This car is extremely loud!

As far as we can tell this particular M3 doesn’t feature many (if any) other mods besides the Armytrix exhaust.

Check out the video for a first hand look at one of the loudest street cars we have ever heard.

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