All of us are familiar with Ken Block’s incredible Gymkhana series of videos but if you’re more of a 4×4 enthusiast than a budding young drifter, then successful Trophy Truck racer BJ Baldwin has the answer with Recoil 3.

The third instalment in the Recoil series, this one could well be the most ludicrous to date with massive jumps and insane off-roading scenes which really show off the capabilities of his Trophy Truck. The video was filmed in Tacoma, Washington with local authorities closing down streets in a scene which would have made Ken Block very proud.

Certainly the most impressive element of the car is its suspension travel, all 34 inches of it. That allows Baldwin to fly off the tops of staircases and some massive dirt jumps in his attempts to catch a 121 hp dune buggy.

If you can spare 8-minutes, this is unmissable.

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