At next months SEMA 2015 convention in Las Vegas, Ringbrothers is preparing to wow crowds with the release of two modified Ford Mustangs.

For starters, Ringbrothers will unveil its completely carbon fibre Mustang dubbed Espionage at the show. It has a completely custom body which has been widened by two inches compared to the 1965 Mustang on which it is based. Powering the Ringbrothers Espionage is a Whipple-supercharged engine from Wegner and delivering a total of 959 hp.

Ringbrothers Mustang

The Espionage has been displayed at SEMA before but this year’s event will be the first time its been displayed to the public completely finished.

Secondly from the company will be its Mustang dubbed SPLITR. Also based on a 1965 Mustang, the car will utilise a more conventional carbureted 427 cubic-inch Ford Racing engine promising to provide mountains of horsepower and torque. The car will be painted in bright red and complete with black and white accents.


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