The Mercedes-AMG GT is becoming a frequent sight on the streets of London, Munich and Monaco. Almost a year after our review of the Mercedes-AMG GT S we put the Mercedes-AMG GT to the test on its home turf: the German Autobahn. Did it live up to our expectations? Keep reading and find out!

The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT comes equipped with AMG’s new 4.0 liter V8 Biturbo power plant. The output of 462hp and 600Nm of torque is sufficient to provide a sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 304 km/h. In comparison the AMG GT S packs 48hp and 50Nm more and does the sprint from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and tops out at 310 km/h.

The new V8 is paired with a AMG Speedshift DCT 7-Speed sport gearbox which is an optimized and improved version of the gearbox found in the SLS AMG. In automatic mode it works flawless and changes it behavior based on the drive mode you are in (Comfort, Sport or Sport Plus). It shifts down under braking like I as a human would.

The rear-wheel drive-only Mercedes AMG GT runs on 295mm wide rear tires that help put the power down. In the GT a mechanical rear differential is installed while the more expensive AMG GT S has an eletronically controlled limited slip differential.

The wide AMG GT center console allows you to change virtually everything about the AMG GT setup. The main control knob has four settings: Individual, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. Additionally with AMG Ride Control and the AMG Performance Exhaust you can set the suspension or exhaust individually regardless of the drive mode.

The design of the AMG GT is a modern classic, the long bonnet and the round rear reminds us of one of the best looking cars of all time; the Jaguar E-Type. Inside the AMG GT looks modern and comes with all amenities you could wish for. Our test car was particularly well equipped with optional extras like Distronic Plus, AMG Ride Control, the AMG Performance Exhaust and the AMG Performance Seats.

Driving Impression

Last year we tested the AMG GT S in California but nothing comes close to the German Autobahn for a proper road test. We took the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT out to the A95 – the autobahn from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Driving through the city center of Munich you realize how wide the AMG GT is. The long bonnet and the low seating position also reminds of sportscars of yesteryear.

Navigating through traffic the red GT triggers quite a lot of attention and more than ones people show a thumbs up or make a positive comment as we pass. This adds a lot to the appeal of the AMG GT, especially in a city where you find a Porsche 911 on every corner it is great to have something else.

Red Mercedes-AMG GT

With the AMG Performance exhaust set to Sport the AMG GT rumbles loud and every tip on the accelerator is supported by a loud burst of V8 happiness. In Comfort the gearbox quickly shifts up to a higher gear so if you truly want to enjoy the sound we switch to Sport. This also changes the suspension to sport but on normal roads and the autobahn we preferred to set the suspension back to comfort.

As the autobahn opens up before it its time to put the Mercedes-AMG GT to the test. We shift down to third and put our foot down. The car accelerates quickly and effortlessly to 270 km/h before traffic slows us down again. The way it keeps pulling above 200 km/h is noteworthy. Even though the AMG GT S might do the same a bit more ferocious the AMG GTs performance is very impressive.

Besides the sheer speed another thing truly stands out – how stable the GT is at high speed. We have driven the same stretch of autobahn in a plethora of cars and the AMG GT certainly belongs to those cars best at home here.

Leaving the autobahn behind us we cruise back to Munich through the Bavarian countryside. Here the AMG GT shows its strengths as a fun sportscar to take out any time of the week for a drive. But at the same time during our photo shoots also shows a few negative sides. Getting in and out of the car with the low seating position and wide door sill takes some effort. And for taller drivers (1,90m+) the seating position is also a bit tight, the wide center console and the lack of leg space make long drives a bit uncomfortable.

However some flaws aside the Mercedes-AMG GT is a very enjoyable sportscar and with the right options ticked nearly as good as the AMG GT S. The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT is on sale now worldwide except in the United States where only the GT S is available. Pricing starts from 115,430 Euro incl tax in Germany.

What to Spec?

AMG Ride Control – Change the suspension from comfort to sport and sport plus.
Comand Online – All infotainment and media features in one. The only thing we would still consider adding is DAB digital radio.
Burmester High-End Surround Sound – The best audio system available.
Distronic Plus – Adaptive cruise control which turns the AMG GT in a perfect daily driver.
AMG Performance Exhaust – Must have! Switch the amazing AMG sound on or off at the touch of a button. Flaps in the exhaust control the volume.
AMG Performance Seats – Better looking and offering more support than the standard seats.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT interior

What about the competiton?

Key competitors include the Porsche 911 GTS and the Jaguar F-Type. The AMG GT stands out with its classic design, stunning interior and all-natural V8 sound. It is a welcome change to the 911s dominating the streets in many upscale areas around the world. The Jaguar F-Type offers a lot of fun and value for money but can’t match the AMG GTs built quality and premium feel inside.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT rear


The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT offers a solid alternative to the Porsche 911. The high-torque engine is a true dream engine for the autobahn and one of the best sounding turbocharged V8s on the market today. With the right options you can set it up exactly the way you like it and really enjoy it as a daily driver. The cramped space for taller drivers does cost it some interior points.



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