Recently, we confirmed that in 2017, a McLaren 570S Spider will be introduced. Next year however, an unknown Sports Series body style will be introduced and according to the latest reports, it could prove to be a Shooting Brake derivative.

Previously, it has been reported that McLaren would offer the 570S in a more practical body style better suited to cruising and complete with additional luggage space. According to Australian publication Drive, such a new body could be a Shooting Brake.

While recently speaking with the company’s design director Frank Stephenson and specifically asking about a 570S Shooting Brake, the designer wouldn’t deny the possibility of such a model. “I won’t deny or confirm but it could be an interesting way to go because that segment needs space,” he said.

When quizzed about how a Shooting Brake body style could be adopted with a mid-engined car, Stephenson said “Whatever you think are limits, aren’t limits, at least at McLaren. Nothing is impossible.”

Further discussing the car, Stephenson said “It will be a jaw-dropper. It is beautiful. It will be a different kind of car for the client to aspire to. So the 570S will attract one type of client and the 570-‘Blank’ will attract a different sort of buyer. You don’t want those overlapping, definitely.”

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