TVR has confirmed that as part of its relaunch, all its new models will feature a Ford Mustang-derived 5.0-litre V8 engined tuned and tweaked by famed engine builder Cosworth.

The latest ‘Coyote’ V8 from the sixth-generation Mustang has proven to be especially reliable and in the hands of Cosworth, notorious for producing some of the most iconic racing engines ever, should provide the basis for a number of very exciting new sports cars from TVR.

Specifications about the modified engine are limited but Autocar has revealed that it will include dry sump lubrication, new exhaust manifolds, custom valve timing and a lighter flywheel. Depending on the TVR model which it is installed into, the engine is expected to produce between 450 hp and 500 hp. When powering the Mustang GT, the engine pumps out 450 hp. TVR has also confirmed its intent to see the engine race at Le Mans in its very own racer as soon as 2018.

Mated to the engine will be a six-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels. Elsewhere, the new TVR will do without any traditional electric safety features like traction control and will possibly even make do without ABS. When combined with a wet weight of around 1100 kg, it will be just as driver focused as TVRs of yesteryear.

In late August, it was confirmed that the first year of production, tipped for 2017, had been sold out with 250 deposits accepted.

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