Seemingly tired of squeezing out insane amounts of power from Mercedes-AMG vehicles, Brabus has showcased its ultra-luxurious Business Lounge concept for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.

Equipped with a plethora of multimedia equipment, ranging from tablets to a large LCD TV screen, Brabus’ Sprinter is the epitome of luxury. On the big screen, you can watch movies, work on a presentation, play a video game or simply listen to music. Meanwhile, the tablet allows you to control intricate details about the vehicle with just a simple touch. High quality leather for the seats which can be reclined and adjusted as per your requirements, ambient lighting and modern instruments all around add to the novelty of the Sprinter. Not to forget, there’s a champagne holder and coffee machine as well. The black van also gets some exterior modifications like a new front bumper and 18-inch Monoblock wheels with Brabus design.

The interest in such a Sprinter will be high but given the plethora of changes made by Brabus, it won’t come cheap. After all, it virtually provides everything a customer could ask for while travelling from one place. The features in the Brabus Business Lounge Sprinter can put the most uber-luxurious cars to shame.

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