With summer driving season wrapping up in Calgary, the chances of seeing high-end supercars, let alone hypercars, is getting slimmer by the week. But at a recent cars & coffee event, a surprise visit by a McLaren P1 left both show-goers and car owners stunned.

The phenomenal volcano red McLaren P1 was recently displayed at the Quarry Park & Polish event at Cardel Homes, and attendees at the weekly cars & coffee event have been waiting for the hypercar to finally show up, and they were not let down.

The P1 is one of a select few hypercars in Calgary. With two confirmed LaFerraris and a handful of 918 Spyders also roaming around, the number of local hypercars are still quite small. But the lone McLaren is one of the most head-turning cars in the city, and the owner absolutely loves his car, even more than the LaFerrari that’s also in his stable!


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