BMW has revealed that it currently has no plans to create an all-electric variant of the latest-generation 7-Series. The car is already available as a plug-in hybrid and the German marque sees no use in releasing an electric version as well.

While speaking with a German publication recently, BMW chief of research and development, Klaus Frolich, said that the main reason why an electric 7-Series isn’t being planned is because of the heavy batteries it would need to carry. Given the size and weight of the 7-Series, it would need more batteries than a Tesla Model S for example which would dramatically alter its driving characteristics.

With the latest 7-Series, BMW managed to save about 130 kg over the previous-generation model thanks largely to the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic throughout its chassis. All of these weight savings would be negated if a number of battery packs had to be installed.

Given that Mercedes-Benz has confirmed it is working on an electric sedan to rival the Model S, there’s certainly a chance BMW will do the same. If it does however, it won’t be based around the 7-Series and is more likely to be similar in size to the 5-Series.


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