Official: RevoZport BMW M3 & M4 Aerokit

RevoZport has just unveiled its aggressive aerokit for both the current BMW M3 and BMW M4. The parts included in the kit are among the boldest aftermarket aerodynamic elements available for the German sports cars and make them even more exceptional.

RevoZport BMW M3 & M4 Aerokit rear view

Officially dubbed the RevoZport RZ-Performance Aerokit, it includes a new carbon fibre front splitter, canards, side skirts, rear diffuser, brake cooling kit, trunk lip spoiler as well as a large adjustable rear wing.

RevoZport has made a name for itself with its high quality carbon fibre parts and these are no different. They are created with vacuum infusion technology to ensure that no excess resin is left on the surface of the carbon fibre.

Alongside helping to boost downforce at the front end, the RevoZport splitter includes the brake cooling kit. It consists of high temperature hoses, air ducts and brake mounting brackets to help cool down the brake discs during spirited driving.

“RevoZport RZ-Performance Aerokit
(For BMW M3 & M4 equipped with M Performance Kit)

RevoZport Introduces Aerokit for BMW M3 & M4
The BMW M3 also known as M4 now is an automotive icon no matter among BMW enthusiasts or throughout the world. Superior to the ordinary 3-series, the M3 takes the pride in exceptional performance and handling.

The BMW engineers are well aware that M owners prefer something more aggressive than the showroom model. Despite tuners around the world had introduced various designs to enhance performance and styling of the M3, BMW had come up with the near perfect BMW M-performance package.

RevoZport thinks the BMW M-performance products is probably the best out there on the market, and we do not go hand-in-hand with BMW products; instead, we take a step forward and enhanced further.

The complete RevoZport RZ Performance is designed to complement the M Performance kit and comes with full carbon fiber add-on front spoilers, splitter, bumper canards, side skirts, splitter intake ducts, brake cooling kit, rear diffuser, underspoiler, trunk lip spoiler and an adjustable GT spoiler. All of our carbon fiber parts are made from vacuum infusion technology, which eliminates excessive resin from the surface of the carbon fiber, making it one of the lightest materials that could be used on cars.

One of the main functional features of the RZ Front Splitter System is the brake cooling kit, which consists of high temperature hoses, air ducts and brake mounting brackets, brake rotors can easily be cooled down from high temperature. This is especially functional when driving spiritually at high speed.

Not only giving the BMW M3&M4 a more aggressive look, the RevoZport aerokit had improved the vehicle’s aerodynamic and braking performance, making it one of the most practical aerokit in the market.”

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