Carlsson Reveals the  C25 Super GT Final Edition

The wraps have just been taken off the powerful and exclusive Carlsson Super GT Final Edition based around the Mercedes-Benz SL.

On first appearances, the Carlsson Super GT Final Edition bares very few similarities with the SL on which it is based. As such, the brand new bodywork is made entirely from carbon fibre which alone saves 160 kg over the Mercedes-Benz SL while also giving the sports car a unique look.

The front-end for example incorporates redesigned headlights and vertical LED daytime running lights as well as a new bumper and bonnet. At the rear, the Carlsson Super GT Final Edition has been fitted with new taillights and adorned with an entirely new fascia incorporating a different bumper and quad tailpipe design.

Carlsson Reveals the  C25 Super GT Final Edition

Beyond the new design, the Carlsson Super GT Final Edition comes standard with a V8 engine delivering 450 hp. Alternatively, a V12 with a total of 753 hp is available as an option. Elsewhere, the sports car can be optioned with carbon-ceramic brakes, a stainless steel sports exhaust system and a suspension system which can be tweaked through an iPhone app.

Discussing the car, Carlsson’s managing director Markus Schuster said, “Our aim was to develop a Super GT that would be a strong statement of exclusivity, as at home on fast cross country roads or the autobahn as on the daily commute to the office.”

“Powerful Carlsson V8 with 450 hp
Carbon fibre bodyshell with a low centre of gravity
Each car is unique and exclusive

Maximum driving performance with outstanding everyday practicality, exceptional design and exclusivity – The Final Edition of Carlsson’s ultra exclusive Super GT goes on sale.

“Combining Carlsson values, design and engineering skills with top quality craftsmanship, this unique vehicle series has created a lot of interest worldwide since it debuted five years ago,” said Mathias R. Albert, CEO of Carlsson GmbH.

The body is made entirely of carbon fibre, saving 160kg over the Mercedes SL on which the C25 is based. In addition, the front and rear lights, rear side windows and rear window are also unique to this car.

While the Final Edition of this Super GT is normally powered by a 450hp V8, the 753 hp Carlsson V12 is available as an alternative power unit. Other options include carbon-ceramic composite brakes, iPhone app remote control for the C-Tronic suspension, and a stainless steel sports exhaust with large billet aluminum tailpipe outlets.

To maintain the highest safety standards, the crash structure of the Carlsson C25 is unchanged from the Mercedes SL, thus providing outstanding occupant protection. And as the mechanicals are largely unchanged, any Mercedes-Benz or Carlsson dealer can carry out routine maintenance.

Allowing just one car to be sold to each country was part of the Carlsson C25’s USP, guaranteeing the greatest possible individuality for owners. With a vast range of possible paint finishes and interior trim materials either from the factory colour chart or bespoke to the owner’s wishes, no two C25s are alike. This is the ultimate expression of automotive haute couture.

“Our aim was to develop a Super GT that would be a strong statement of exclusivity, as at home on fast cross country roads or the autobahn as on the daily commute to the office,” said Markus Schuster, Carlsson’s Managing Director.

By creating its own car in the tradition of the great coachbuilders, Carlsson laid down a milestone in its history with the C25. Taking some styling cues from classic GT coupes of the 1970s and ‘80s, Carlsson’s designers re-interpreting their basic proportions into a 21st Century Super GT with its own unique identity.

The quality of craftsmanship clearly seen in the exquisite finish of the hand-built bodyshell and the plush interior is a tribute to the breadth and depth of automotive experience and passion that exists at Carlsson. Each C25 is painstakingly built to perfection, hence the gestation period of 11 months from initial order to completed vehicle.”

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