Highlights from Marathon Stages 7 and 8

Dakar Rally 2015 entered the Marathon stages in Stage 7 where drivers rallied from Iquique to Uyuni, this is also the stage where they left Chile for Bolivia. The cars covered a distance of 321 km while the trucks covered 335 km. Orlando Terranova won the first part of the marathon stages in the Cars category and he led Yazeed AlRajhi and Ten Brinke both finishing 2 minutes later. The next stop was Salar.

In the Trucks category, Ales Loprais took the win followed by Gerard De Rooy and Andrey Karginov five minutes later. The Bikes and Quads covered a distance of 321 km in the first marathon stage of Stage 7 while the Cars prepared for the final marathon stage covering 781 km. Eduard Nikolaev scored his fifth win in the Trucks category during the final marathon stage from Marathon bivouac to Iquique.

After finishing second in Stage 7, Yazeed AlRajhi scored his maiden win during the final marathon part leading Orlando Terranova and Nasser Al-Attiyah. Nasser currently ranks first in the overall standings with a timestamp of 26h 41m 15s. Giniel De Villiers is second followed by Yazeed Alrajhi, Krzysztof Holowczyc and Bernhard ten Brinke respectively. Ayrat Mardeev is ranked first in the overall truck standings.

Stage 7 Cars and Trucks Video Highlights

Stage 7 – Car/Truck – Stage Summary – (Iquique… by Dakar

Highlights from Marathon Stages 7 and 8

Stage 7:

1. Orlando Terranova
2. Yazeed AlRajhi +2m20s
3. Ten Brinke +2m28s

1. Ales Loprais
2. Gerard De Rooy +5m39s
3. Andrey Karginov +5m49s

1. Paulo Gonçalves
2. Marc Coma +14s
3. Matthias Walkner +30s

1. Nelson Augusto Sanabria Galeano
2. Rafal Sonik +5m46s
3. Ignacio Casale +11m37s

Highlights from Marathon Stages 7 and 8

Stage 8

1. Yazeed AlRajhi
2. Orlando Terranova +1m12s
3. Nasser Al-Attiyah +2m36s

1. Eduard Nikolaev
2. Gerard De Rooy +11m16s
3. Ales Loprais +20m01s

1. Pablo Quintanilla
2. Juan Pedrero García +11s
3. Stefan Vitko +12s

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