BMW M4 Crashing

Over the weekend, a driver of a brand new BMW M4 was was caught on video crashing into a median as he left a local Cars and Coffee event.

According to the video, the accident took place outside the Cars & Coffee event in Blackhawk, California this past weekend. While it may appear as though the driver was trying to show off by doing a rolling burnout, the driver claims otherwise. In a post on BimmerPost, the driver of the car in question claims that he pushed the car too hard on cold tires before the “rear snapped violently”.


The driver admits that the accident was due in part to the fact that he was driving with the dynamic stability control (DSC) turned off. Additionally, he suggests that the accident was caused by the cold ambient temperature, poorly inflated tires and driver error.

As far as damage goes, it appears that the car is repairable. How big the repair bill will be, however, remains to be seen. Thankfully the accident occurred away from bystanders and oncoming traffic. Nobody was hurt according to the driver.

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