The new Porsche 911 Turbo S was among our favorite cars introduced last year. This year it is TechArt’s turn to show their take on the 991 Turbo S. We took it out for a spin at two areas where the Turbo S is particularly well at home: the countryside and the unlimited German autobahn!

TechArt offers a range of modifications for the Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S including performance upgrades, interior customization, wheels and of course an aerokit. Our test car came full option with literally the entire TechArt range mounted on the 991 Turbo S. The stage 1 power kit delivers another 60hp and 130 Nm raising the output to a total of 620hp and 880 Nm of torque. This adds another 10 km/h top speed to 328 km/h but more importantly it reduces the 0-100 km/h sprint even further to well below the 3 seconds mark – TechArt claim an official 0-100 km/h time of 2.8 seconds but a few launch control tests we did showed a staggering 2.6 seconds.

With the performance upgrades the TechArt 991 Turbo S also came with a sport exhaust system and sport tailpipes that improve both the looks and the sound. Flaps in the exhaust allow the driver to control the noise levels between muted and supercar-like. The sport exhaust really does add a lot to the driving experience of the 991 Turbo S, which as standard is blistering fast but a bit unemotional.

To improve the visual impact of the vehicle TechArt fitted their 20 inch Formula light alloy wheels and the aerokit 1. The aerokit consists of a new front spoiler, sideskirts, rear spoiler, roof spoiler and diffuser. Add the grey/blue striping and the 911 is transformed from a fairly understated and common appearance to a true eye catcher. No matter where we went everybody was looking at the creation from Leonberg.

On the autobahn the TechArt 991 Turbo S feels at home like a fish in the water. As soon as the traffic clears and you put your foot down the car accelerates effortless to speeds that you would not be allowed to drive if this wasn’t the unlimited German autobahn. Even well above 200 km/h it keeps pulling hard even in higher gears, compared to the standard Turbo S this is where the extra torque comes in.

As impressive the TechArt 991 Turbo S is at the autobahn, the area where it truly takes your breath away is at standing starts. Whether you use the launch control system or just put your foot down from standstill, the car rockets forward like hardly anything we have driven. The all-wheel drive system offers phenomenal levels of grip and as the car rushes forward and you are pushed deep into the seats you will struggle to talk.

The new TechArt front spoiler incorporates the active aerodynamics system that Porsche introduced on the 911 Turbo S last year. Above 120 km/h the flexible rubber lip folds down improving airflow and front end stability. At lower speeds the spoiler retracts again. TechArt offers an optional nose lift system to make passing obstacles or entering garages easier.

Inside the most notable changes are the three spoke sport steering wheel, custom stitching and many customized blue and white parts to emphasize the individual style. All the interior enhancements are made to order and TechArt promises a nearly unlimited choice of colors and modifications available for the interior.

After a weekend with the TechArt 991 Turbo S we conclude that it spices the 991 Turbo S up with the very welcome modifications to the sound and exterior. It fills a gap between the standard 911 Turbo S and more emotional cars from other brands. With their 991 Turbo S TechArt delivered a true head turner with breathtaking performance that we would love to have back in our garage at any time!

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