McLaren 650S Crashes in Singapore

Unfortunately, we have another crash report to share with you. This McLaren 650S was apparently taking part in customer test drives when some sort of incident occured causing damage to the front left side of the brand new supercar.

We are told that the accident happened late at night on a stretch of Singapore highway. The McLaren 650S appears to have been travelling in light traffic when the accident happened. We can only speculate as to what the McLaren hit. If you have any further information then do contact us and let us know.

The McLaren 650S is the latest supercar to leave the Woking-company’s workshop. It adds a raft of extra features over the 12C, which it replaces. McLaren have chosen to release the 650S rather than to create a more hardcore version of the 12C to compete with the Speciale. As such, the 650S is faster, rides more comfortably and doesn’t feature any compromise!

If you want a stripped out 12C then there is of course the fantastic McLaren 12C GT Sprint! Thank you to Steve Lim for the photos.

McLaren 650S Crashes in Singapore

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