Volkswagen Teases Upcoming GTIVision Gran Turismo Concept

It all started with the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept late last year. Ever since, a host of manufacturers have revealed their unique creations for Gran Turismo 6 including Toyota, Subaru, Lexus and most recently, BMW with its Vision Gran Turismo.

Volkswagen is set to be the latest manufacturer to release a car specially for Gran Turismo 6 and has teased the car with the following video and the single teaser image you see above.


Dubbed the Volkswagen VisionGTI, the car will be based on the popular VW Golf GTI but will be heavily modified to ensure it looks just as out of this world as the previous Vision Gran Turismo concepts revealed.

Volkswagen will unveil the Vision GTI on May 23.


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