Ferrari 599 GTO Races 458 Italia and 700hp ML 63 AMG

While the power difference between the Ferrari 458 Italia and Ferrari 599 GTO is around the 100 hp mark, both cars are incredibly close in straight-line acceleration as the following video shows.


Filmed at the always awesome Unlim 500+ races in Russia, the following clip shows a stunning black Ferrari 458 Italia racing a red Ferrari 599 GTO and the result is actually a lot closer than you would think considering the power difference. Understandably, the 599 GTO comes out on top crossing the one mile mark in 28.860 seconds at a top speed of 294.59 km/h. By comparison, the 458 Italia clocks a very respectable time of 29.063 seconds at 283.68 km/h!

The clip concludes with a nice one mile drag race between the 599 GTO as well as a potent Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG tuned to deliver 700 hp!

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