Richie Incognito Smashes His Own Ferrari FF with a Baseball Bat

American Football player Richie Incognito has definitely had his share of problems over the course of the past year. For the readers out there that follow American sports, you’d definitely know what I’m talking about — the bullying scandal. But let’s get back to the battered Ferrari.

In the early morning hours earlier this week at Incognito’s home in Scottsdale, Arizona, neighbors noticed the extensive amount of damage to the front of the Miami Dolphins player’s FF that was sitting, not in his driveway, but in some sort of rock garden in his front yard. Doesn’t exactly seem like the ideal place to park your Ferrari.

Originally, it was thought by the neighbors that it was an act of vandalism as an attack on Richie. But later in the day, we found out that it was indeed Incognito himself who bashed his Ferrari with a baseball bat when he turned himself in to the Scottsdale Police Department. The car was beaten so brutally that the bat ended up breaking with part of it being wedged into the grille, as seen in the pictures.

Although it is unclear whether or not Richie Incognito’s rage had anything to do with his Italian sports car, most would agree that it definitely looks that way. But, the officially reasoning behind why the Dolphins football player decided it would be a good idea to teach his innocent Ferrari a lesson by whacking it with a large amount of force is not officially known yet.

[Via TMZ]

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