Red Bull have dominated this years F1 Championship. It seemed close at the start of the season with Ferrari and Mercedes looking as if they would give Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber a real fight. But as the season continued the Bulls showed their strength and wrapped up both to constructors and drivers championship.

To celebrate his fourth title, Sebastian was a little cheeky and did a few doughnuts on the start-finish line, much to the delight of spectators but was fined for doing so as the boisterous act is illegal in the sport. Red Bull took matters into their own hand and sent former Red Bull driver over to Dubai with one of their cars and told him to do some doughnuts. However, Red Bull being Red Bull these were no ordinary midnight car-park antics, but precision planned spins on the Helipad at the seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel, 210 meters above the Persian Golf! As you will see, it was all very spectacular!


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