Flaming Nissan GT-R vs. Schirmer BMW M3 E92 on the Nurburgring

You may remember a video of a 600hp R35 Nissan GT-R and 585hp Schirmer Race Engineering E46 BMW M3 being pushed together on the Autobahn that GTspirit posted a couple of weeks back. A new video has now surfaced of the same GT-R this time with an E92 M3 racing very quickly around the Nurburgring and setting a scorching time of less than 8 minutes with heavy traffic on the bridge to gantry section of the ‘Green Hell’.

The cars are clearly being driven in fury, the GT-R even spits out a few flames and it the traction and ability to keep up with the GT-R highlights just how quick the rear-wheel-drive M3 is around the track. Enjoy the video!


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