15-Year-Old American Girl Races Radical SR3 Like a Pro

It’s quite disappointing that there are so few female driver’s in the upper-echelon of motorsports around the world. Arguably the most successful and most well-known current female racing driver is Danica Patrick who currently races in the NASCAR series and has previously competed in the IZOD IndyCar World Championship.


However, the following video gives us hope for the future of females in motorsports. Filmed at Monticello Motor Club, this clip includes a 15-year-old female named Aurora driving a Radical SR3 on track for the very first time and despite her inexperience in the car, we see great potential!

Aurora usually drives a Porsche Boxster racecar and a race-spec Mazda Miata and the uploader even comments that she was embarrassed to have the following video posted because she was only driving at 5/10th’s and not close to hitting the redline! If there’s anything better than seeing her racing, it’s knowing that she much more speed to give!


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