What Does a 1400hp Dodge Viper Sound Like on a Dyno? Epic!

Despite being considered as one of the most brutish supercars to have ever rolled out of America, the Dodge Viper has always remained a real favourite among tuning companies.


This particular Dodge Viper features the standard 8.4-liter V10 engine of the third generation Dodge Viper, but with some major modifications. Upgraded to within an inch of its life by Too Blue Racing, the car features twin 76mm turbochargers, chopped top, John Reed tune, Motech electronics and consequently delivers an insane 1400hp!

The following video includes a host of the brutal pulls recently put down on the dyno and it’s awesome to watch the graphics showcasing the power soaring up from an initial 1184hp all the way to 1421hp once the insane American supercar was fully warmed up and being pushed to the limits!

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