Yesterday we published our exclusive gallery of the one-off Lamborghini Egoista at Bensberg Classics and there was something odd with the Egoista when it first appeared at Bensberg. Instead of Lamborghini the rear badge read ‘Lamborginih’ as you can see in the picture above. Somewhere at the end of the day the people from Lamborghini also woke up and actually changed it to what it was supposed to say in the first place; ‘Lamborghini’. The interesting thing is, that when the one-off Egoista was first shown in Italy in May it was bearing the company name as it should be.

That leaves us with some questions: Why was the badge taken off after the launch seeing it had the right badge in May? Did someone add the Lamborginih badge as a practical joke or are there Lamborghini employees that don’t know the name of the company they work for? Or is there perhaps a second Egoista different from the car displayed in May used for exhibitions? What will designer Walter Da Silva think about it? Questions, questions, questions.. We will probably never find out what really happened but the story at least puts a smile on our faces!

The Lamborghini Egoista in May 2013

Lamborghini Egoista at Bensberg Classics 2013

Lamborghini Egoista official unveil gallery

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  1. it looks fake… you have 3 shots of the rear grill in perfect focus w/out it saying "lamborginih" and then 2 of the grill & badge supposedly taken at the same event but zoomed in, one being grainy, the other conveniently stylized in b&w with the offending "nih" out of focus.


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