Toyota TS030 Hybrid

Toyota will be the happy starter of tomorrow’s 6 Hours of Sebring at the Silverstone circuit after two of their Toyota TS030 Hybrids finished 1st and 2nd at the qualifying race held today. Audi is the biggest loser not that it finished far from Toyota but because they won the practice race with the #1 and #2 Audi finishing 1st and 2nd, a condition with the weather today got them mixed up in regard to the use of tires, allowing for witty Toyota to take the lead.

Though the timing system has some issues, an hour after the qualifying session was over the #7 Toyota driven by by Nicolas Lapierre and Alex Wurz was confirmed as the winner, taking the pole position. The grid is based on an aggregate system where two best lap times are chosen to determine the fastest car. As a result, it’s the #7 that won with a time record of 1:48:021 while the other Toyota came in second at 1:49:995 and driven by Davidson and Buemi.

As for Audi, they managed to take the third and fifth position citing the weather conditions that resulted to a mix up of the tires they would use. Lapierre said that Toyota changed their tires right where they started on intermediates before turning unto slicks. Audi on the other hand started on inters they went for the wet tires later before changing into slicks in the second half.

Race Results

Pos Cl. Drivers Team/Car Time Cl. gap
1. P1 Wurz/Lapierre Toyota 1m48.021s
2. P1 Davidson/Buemi/Sarrazin Toyota 1m49.995s + 1.974s
3. P1 Kristensen/Duval/Mcnish Audi 1m51.283s + 3.262s
4. P1 Prost/Jani/Heidfeld Rebellion Lola-Toyota 1m52.124s + 4.103s
5. P1 Lotterer/Treluyer/Fassler Audi 1m53.488s + 5.467s
6. P1 Belicchi/Beche/Cheng Rebellion Lola-Toyota 1m53.835s + 5.814s
7. P2 Graves/Pizzonia/Walker Delta-ADR ORECA-Nissan 1m55.148s
8. P2 Pla/Heinemeier Hansson/Brundle OAK Morgan-Nissan 1m57.629s + 2.481s
9. P2 Rusinov/Martin/Conway Delta-ADR ORECA-Nissan 1m57.697s + 2.549s
10. P2 Baguette/Gonzalez/Plowmann OAK Morgan-Nissan 1m58.729s + 3.581s
11. GTE P Turner/Mucke/Senna Aston Martin 2m00.566s
12. GTE P Dalla Lana/Makowiecki/Lamy Aston Martin 2m00.772s + 0.206s
13. GTE A Goethe/Hall/Campbell-Walter Aston Martin 2m01.158s
14. GTE P Bergmeister/Pilet/Bernhard Manthey Porsche 2m01.308s + 0.742s
15. GTE P Lieb/Lietz/Dumas Manthey Porsche 2m01.452s + 0.886s
16. GTE P Bruni/Fisichella AF Ferrari 2m01.512s + 0.946s
17. GTE A Nygaard/Poulsen/Simonsen Aston Martin 2m01.544s + 0.386s
18. P2 Holzer/Kraihamer/Charouz Lotus-Praga 2m01.555s + 6.407s
19. GTE P Kobayashi/Vilander AF Ferrari 2m01.803s + 1.237s
20. P2 Weeda/Liuzzi/Bouchut Lotus-Praga 2m02.144s + 6.996s
21. GTE A Gerber/Griffin/Cioci AF Ferrari 2m02.396s + 1.238s
22. P2 Perez Companc/Minassian/Kaffer Pecom ORECA-Nissan 2m02.454s + 7.306s
23. GTE A Potolicchio/Aguas/Peter 8Star Ferrari 2m02.513s + 1.355s
24. GTE A Bornhauser/Canal/Rees Larbre Corvette 2m02.862s + 1.704s
25. P2 Imperatori/Howson/Ka To KCMG Morgan-Nissan 2m02.991s + 7.843s
26. GTE A Narac/Bourret/Vernay IMSA Porsche 2m04.176s + 3.018s
27. P2 Dyson/Marsal/Kimber-Smith Greaves Zytek-Nissan 2m04.491s + 9.343s
28. GTE A Krohn/Jonsson/Mediani Krohn Ferrari 2m05.482s + 4.324s
29. P2 Nicolet/Merlin OAK Morgan-Nissan 2m10.475s + 15.327s
30. P1 Leventis/Watts/Kane Strakka HPD

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