BMW M3 Crashes into a Building Killing Driver

A tragic accident recently occurred in Dordrecht, a city in the western Netherlands, located in the province of South Holland when a BMW M3 crashed into a building. The driver of the sportscar was a 51 year old man who sadly lost his life in the accident. Emergency response was instantly called including a Mobile Emergency Team but the cause of the accident is yet to be released by the Traffic Accident Analysts.

BMW M3 Crashes into a Building Killing Driver

The number of accidents involving sportscars have increased of late even by gauging by those that we report on our front page raising questions if it’s even safe to drive at high speeds in these cars, as much as we may point a finger at a driver, at the end of the day the same sportscar still operates like the rest of the normal cars on the road. It’s therefore smart to drive safe especially in the metropolitan areas which are always highly populated.

[via Media TV]

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