Cars and coffee Austin

Car & Coffee Austin is a monthly Cars and Coffee event that takes place at The Oasis on Lake Travis every second Sunday of the month. This Cruise-In is an informal, come-and-go event for the Classic, Vintage, Antique and Exotic automotive enthusiasts. The Oasis on Lake Travis is the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas, and has earned the reputation as the Sunset Capital of Texas. It’s located on a cliff 450 feet above Austin’s Lake Travis.

Their latest event which was held earlier on this month was attended by mainly the American hotlist, Pontiacs, Chevrolet Camaros, American vintages, and Chevrolet Camaros, but as is tradition for any Cars and Coffee event, European sportscars still rocked in it, a group of Lotus cars, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 458 Italia, also in attendance was a pair of Tesla Model S.


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