Paris Hilton is Paying $5603 a Month for Her Lexus LFA

Car loans are common everywhere but rarely do we see people taking loans to buy supercars, I mean that’s probably the roughest road to go down financially. Instead buyers of these supercars which cost up to millions of dollars buy them cash. Apparently, a leaked report shows that Paris Hilton is paying $5,603 monthly to Toyota Motor Co for her Lexus LFA, one of the 500 produced.

But just how did this come to be? The Lexus LFA costs $375,000, this os an amount Paris would pay anytime considering she has similarly expensive cars like the Bentley Continental GT and the Ferrari California. Apparently, this is the Lexus LFA that was given to her on her 30th birthday by her now ex-boyfriend. He bought it on a loan which she now has to complete paying for 60 months, with $214,384 remaining.

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