Paris Hilton Receives Lexus LFA as Birthday Gift

Some stories are too amazing to be true. Listen to this! Ms. Paris Hilton has got her personal super sports car and it is a yellow limited Lexus LFA delivered to her personally.

After an already-indulgent Valentine’s Day on Monday, the blonde socialite was spoilt by her boyfriend Cy Waits. Her boyfriend – which has a rather good taste when it comes to cars – gave one of the 500 Japanse supercars to his 29-year-old girlfriend ahead of her much-anticipated 30th birthday this week.

The Lexus LFA arrived in the reality star’s driveway yesterday while being filmed for her new reality show. We are wondering if she will do the driver’s training and use the supercar in a new photoshoot.

Paris Hilton Receives Lexus LFA as Birthday Gift 01

[Via Dailymail]


  1. Oh come on…. this amazing car that any petrolhead would love to have is not made for “hollow persons” just to be driving around and be in tv and magazines….. money is not well distributed… :-(

  2. Why would she get a fantastic LFA? LFA is for petrolheads and not for people who do not use them. Paris can stick to her nasty, pink GT and let those who can appreciate and drive this fantastic car in a dignified manner, which it deserves. This is just a shame to see these kinds of cars go the wrong hands of people who have no idea on what kind of car they own and run. Shame!

  3. @oJohPoC,

    could be… ;) but on the other end… she should come even close to that car. Oh ok, perhaps for a photoshoot, but not behind the wheel :)

  4. Lot of jealousy today. SMH. Pretty sure Lexus doesn’t care who buys or drives these beauties. And given how long it took them to finally go into production, they’re probably happy that anyone is still interested.

    Leander, rough language.

  5. @wayway: She is in fact pregnant which explains her fat upper arms.. :D

    It might be the CEC wheels car but I have already seen another yellow one on the West Coast so I can’t say which one this is.

  6. She has a garage full of awesome cars. She’s obviously a collector. She drives a new car every day of the week. Quit being jealous, it’s not like it’s going to sit around. Google her, she’s getting out of a new sweet ride from the driver’s seat every time. Lacking a moral compass does not equate to having bad taste in cars.

  7. i cant believe this dumb woman got this car… shes going to kill her self in it and i hope to god the car comes out with out a scratch

  8. she will kill herself in this car if she ever drives it and really, isn’t that the greatest gift of all. One beautiful LFA sacrificed to rid the world of this disgusting bitch. its not ideal but ill take it.

  9. Look at her hand in the second photo. Money cant buy love, you say? :D haha. Okay but seriously, if she can afford it, or her man, she has the right to own it. Quit being jealous.

  10. By the way, I thought we a group of people that could get what we wanted, that live how we like. I thought that was the GT Spirit. If you’re so upset with Paris getting a LFA, don’t fret – you can buy you own.

    It would be a bit tacky to start listing off what we drive, but it’s starting to sound like some of us are limited in what’s available to us. smh.

    MR: Thanks for the feedback! Deleted and changed some posts. People watch your tone!

  11. Why does anyone care? This car quite frankly falls short it is an ugly car in person and just overall looks and feels cheap, i mean lexus cheap it doesnt feel like a supercar should.

  12. I don’t believe this…. of all the people in all the world… I did not expect Paris Hilton to be getting an LFA. Sometimes life just sucks. Well I suppose I will get over it somehow!


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