For Sale: Ferrari F50 Once Crashed by the FBI

If you cast your mind back to early last year, you may recall that a Ferrari F50 wrecked by an inexperienced FBI agent was listed on eBay with an auction price of just $65,000, after the officer crashed the car some three years earlier.

It was initially claimed that the extremely-rare Italian exotic had suffered $750,000 worth of damage yet the FBI agent responsible for the damage was granted immunity and didn’t have to cough up a single penny.

For Sale: Ferrari F50 Once Crashed by the FBI

Well fast forward to February 2013, and that exact same car has recently been listed on eBay for a second time this time wearing a much more appropriate $715,000 Buy It Now price tag, with bids starting at a cool $500,000.

Despite the insurer claiming that the car suffered $750,000 worth of damage, the seller claims that the repair bill only cost around $80,000 as no internal damage was caused during the careless 30mph crash.

Prior to repairing the car, the seller purchased the vehicle from the insurance company with a “theft recovery” salvage title before the car was restored by an authorised Ferrari dealership and brought back to its former glory.

For Sale: Ferrari F50 Once Crashed by the FBI

Due to the interesting history of this car, it’s likely that interest could be down from what you’d generally expect from a Ferrari F50 sale, but if the current seller did purchase the car for $65,000 and spent just $80,000 repairing it, then they’re in line for a very handy profit!

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