Remember the Ferrari F50 that the FBI seized, wrecked, then refused to pay for the damage? Well it’s now being placed for auction with internet auction house, Copart. The Ferrari F50 currently has an auction price of $ 65,500 which is a pretty low price, even for a wrecked F50.

We’re not sure how much damage was caused by FBI officer Fredrick C. Kingston, however, Motors Insurance’s claim for $ 750,000 worth of damage seems a high estimate given the external condition of the car. We can see damage to the right-side front and the left-side door. It’s being sold with a Certificate of Salvage, which essentially means that it isn’t allowed on public roads, and it’s been standing around since 2009 when the accident happened.

The advert states that this Ferrari F50 has 7,023 miles on the odometer. It was originally stolen from a Ferrari dealership back in 2003. After the theft the dealer submitted a claim to the insurance company which then paid the claim and assumed ownership of the F50. Five years later, in August 2008, the FBI found the car in Kentucky and stored it during the investigation in Lexington. Since the car was located in another American state, the Ferrari ended up in the hands of the FBI. A few month later, in May 2009, an FBI agent took the Ferrari for a drive and crashed it into a tree.

For the full story behind the car, click here.

[Via Jalopnik]

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  1. Don’t u know some think cause they wear a badge or a big title like FBI. Sue them for all of it next time Officers stay out!!!!!!! Car is trashed from rear window to front bumper. Not okay! We work hard with these cars and their paying customers. Don’t be stupid and drive the prices on us all. Simple next time stay the fn out of the car! Use a wrecker! That goes for the retarted goon that stole it to! Bunch of stupid Americans!!!!!!!! Stay out of the Super Cars people. When you see one , take a look at it that’s ok, then keep walkin!!!! IDIOTS!!! FBI officer to, great, stupid! Was it fun?? How much fun is it now? Get out of all “Super Car” business folks, unless u own it or work with the Business. Good night.


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